Using Simulators for Concealed Carry Weapons Training

June 29, 2015 by techgunsgear

Ti_Entertainment_system-trans-278x300In July of 2013 Illinois became the most recent state to legalize concealed carry weapons, and now all 50 states have some form of legislation covering the ability to carry handguns. State and local governments are working together with law enforcement and private companies to ensure that permit holders have been adequately trained and can safely use pistols and other weapons.

So, What’s Next

Simulators seemed poised to become a major component in training, entertainment and education. In an era when many are trying to limit firearms and constrict usage, simulators can become an excellent training ground for hunters, self-defense and sport shooters. As technology advances they continue to become more realistic with both digital and live action scenarios so this is definitely an industry to keep your sights on.

CCW Training Solutions

Colorado based SES Shooting Inc (SES), has been working with CCW instructors for many years providing alternative solutions to enable instructors to offer more on-hands training before students take the live firing tests required by many states. “We saw a need to provide a safe environment for students to practice what they learned in realistic scenarios without using live ammo,” commented Todd Mallon, Owner SES. As an industry leader in selling sport simulator systems including many hunting and sport shooting games, it was a natural fit for for SES to develop a CCW training program.

Portable and Efficient Education

One system that caught our eye was the Gunfighter Pro Marksman™. It is is an excellent example of a portable system specifically designed for commercial applications in retail gun stores, shooting ranges and for CCW instruction and training. The system comes with 25 CCW and home invasion scenarios to give instructors the ability to instruct students in a variety of realistic situations safely and cost effectively. The system includes everything needed for training including two laser inserts and a recoil kit to add even more realism to the training. The system is expandable and can be used as a permanent training structure or as a portable unit for weekend or night classes.

Good Training is Important and Profitable

With the addition of Illinois to the list of CCW states, the need for adequate training is increasingly more important. To date Illinois has nearly 2000 licensed instructors giving a good indication of the demand for CCW permits and the profitability for licensed instructors. The Gunfighter Pro Marksman™ is one of the most advanced systems available for commercial use and provides a cost effective way to train with great return on investment.

Realism Means Referrals

Law enforcement and the military have used simulators extensively to help train their personnel to be better equipped in life and death situations. The CCW training scenarios offers students the ability to be in a close to real-life situation without the danger. This creates an interactive and fun way to learn. Great referrals are easily produced when trainees tell their friends and family how much fun the training was while getting their CCW permit. Using a simulator keeps costs down, interest up and brings customers.

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